Methods of Study

The American Institute offers 3 major  methods of study. Resident Student, Non-Resident Student and Auditor. Read below for a description of each method and find which one may best suit your own situation.

Resident Student

A resident student is one who lives and works in the region and is able to attend classes at the American Institute main facility. Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled. Those absent from courses in excess of 25% of the total class meetings will receive a failing grade. Policies concerning excused or unexcused absences, makeup work, and tests are at the discretion of the instructor.

Non-Resident Student

A non-resident student is one who is unable to attend classes at the American Institute but takes classes at a satellite school facility. All courses can be taken by non-resident stu­ dents. It should be noted that because of our pre-packaged notes and video classes, the non-resident student is able to get the exact lectures as the resident student.


An auditor is a person who either already has a college de­gree or is taking the course for information only and prefers not to take the tests. Enrollment as an auditor is permitted in all courses, subject to the approval of the instructor and the administration. Enrollment as an auditor may be changed to one for credit if the change is made no later than the second week of classes during that semester, provided the instructor and administration approve. Fees for enroll­ment as an auditor are the same as the resident rates. Courses will be designated with AU on the transcript.

The director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education has determined that the American Institute For Advanced Biblical Studies does not offer courses and/ or degree programs customarily offered at colleges and universities and has issued an exemption from certification prior to the exemption’s expiration date.