When to Apply

Because The American Institute conducts most of our educational syllabus remotely we do not have set start / end dates like a traditional college. You are free to register and begin your study at any time.

What We Look For

To enter American Institute, you should:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Complete the entire Application for Admission.
  • Enclose the registration fee, appropriate tuition materials fees (see Fees Section for details).
  • Enclose a recent photograph of yourself.
  • Have three letters of reference 1) School or work 2) Synagogue or church 3) Personal
  • Complete the Entrance Exam.

Entrance Exam

The Entrance Evaluation Examination (E.E.E.) is required for every student entering American Institute for two reasons: first, to determine the level of Bible-related knowledge each student presently maintains; and second, to evaluate the academic progress made while attending the Institute. To accurately evaluate this advancement, each student will take a Graduation Evaluation Examination (G.E.E.) before graduation.


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